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T ime to Celebrate


ANNE WITH AN E's renewal petition has hit ONE MILLION signatures - Time to celebrate!

We hit 1,000,000 signatures on the petition to ANNE WITH AN E on July 24, 2020! This surpasses the previous record held by Sense8, for the most signatures fighting for a show renewal, by almost 500K!  In fact, the last 100K was only reached in five days, the fastest 100K ever in the history of the petition! The petition gained its first 100K after 1,000,000 in three days! This is unprecedented for any other fandom, especially eight months after the show’s last episode aired.


The exponential growth on our petition the last few months reflects ANNE WITH AN E’s expanding global audience. ANNE WITH AN Es popularity has grown exponentially in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. This rise in popularity is reflected in our recent ANNE ONE MILLION trending party where we trended in more countries than ever before. It also reflected in the outpouring of letters written from fans all over the world for our ANNE ONE MILLION project.

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 1.17.14 PM.png

Especially in the last few months, ANNE WITH AN E has been in the Top 10 shows on Netflix consistently in many countries, including Paraguay, Chile, and Mexico. Since the show received very little promotion, these statistics speak to the power of fan promotion itself and the quality of the show. The outpouring of global media coverage about ANNE WITH AN E in the last few months is a direct result of this growth. 


As you can see, ANNE WITH AN E’s global demand is not slowing down any time soon. The show is currently showing on public television in Italy and soon in Japan as well. We expect the petition numbers to continue rising. The show also continues to do amazingly well in Brazil, which has the second-highest number of Netflix subscribers in the world. Altogether, we truly feel there is really no justifiable reason for the show not to be renewed by now.

Check out our ANNE ONE MILLION project below, and don’t forget to email networks to let them know about the demand!

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