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Anne's Article

What is Fair?

Get the full high quality PDF of our girl's scandalous article for the Avonlea Gazette and keep her words with you always!

Mary's Cookbook

LaCroix Recipes

Learn how to make Mary's famous chicken soup as well as everything she can do with Buttermilk...

Gilbert's Letter

Gilbert's Letter

You know it by heart, now make it yours to print, frame, swoon over, you name it! With Love... GB

Thanks for 'ASKING' with us!

Caring deeply will always be the right thing... that said, it can be scary to ask for answers about things that matter to us most. Our girl Anne said it best when she told Diana, "Even if his words are hurtful... I will have facts and I will recover". To thank you all for your bravery in asking our fearless leaders for updates on the campaign.


We have a small surprise for you.

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