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Quill & Quire, June 22nd 2020

More than 700,000 sign petition to save ANNE WITH AN E.


Perhaps only second in dedication to the BTS Army, fans of ANNE WITH AN E are once again circulating a petition demanding that the Netflix and CBC co-production return for a fourth season. More than 700,000 people have signed, and NETFLIX ANNE 700K is trending on Twitter with more than 99,000 posts today.


Looper, May 8th 2020

Why Marilla Cuthbert looks so familiar.


The actors who portray the Cuthberts carry as much of the dramatic load on ANNE WITH AN E as the brilliant young star of the show. Those stars will likely seem familiar to viewers who find their way to ANNE WITH AN E's glorious shores - with Geraldine James' face in particular standing out amongst the series regulars.


National Post, April 23rd 2020

ANNE WITH AN E fans force CBC to boot them off its reader comment sections.

Fans unleashed their wrath, bombarding CBC with millions of tweets and erecting billboards in Toronto and New York.


The Guardian, April 22nd 2020

ANNE WITH AN E fans wage digital war with Netflix over cancellation.

Outraged fans posted 13M tweets, signed a petition and placed billboards to demand that show be revived for another season.


Pop Inquirer, April 2nd 2020

Five underrated shows you may want to start binge-watching right now.

Outraged fans posted 13M tweets, signed a petition and placed billboards to demand that show be revived for another season.


Vogue, April 2nd 2020

The 8 Most Soothing TV Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now.

This Canadian series based on L.M. Montgomery's classic 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables, is as comforting as it gets.


Junkee, April 1st 2020

Renew ANNE WITH AN E : the fandom taking on Netflix to save a beloved show.

LA Weekly.jpg

LA Weekly, March 31st 2020

ANNE WITH AN E is the most wholesome binge families need right now.

With nothing but enforced family time during this terrifying moment in history, ANNE WITH AN E is the perfect show to pass the time and escape to simpler times.


CBC News, February 28th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E fans still not ready to give up.

As a petition to renew the Netflix/CBC co-production of ANNE WITH AN E passes 200,000 signers, the organizers are still waiting to hear from the broadcasters that cancelled it.


The Nerd Daily, February 8th 2020

Why you should watch ANNE WITH AN E.

Anne is a charming series loved by many, but one that hasn’t quite made it into the mainstream, and even though it is not being renewed, I believe it deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed by many now and in the years to come.


The Quint, February 4th 2020

Cheering for a Netflix show that's forced to end.

Fans are heartbroken as the Netflix show ANNE WITH AN E has been discontinued.


Youth Journalism International, February 3rd 2020

ANNE WITH AN E makes a classic more inclusive.

The show touches on topics such as racism, domestic abuse, gender paruty, homosexuality, and even indigenous histories.


Black Girl Nerds,

January 28th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E will be darker than you're used to.


Culturess, January 27th 2020

Anne Nation: The passionate fans behind #SaveAnneWithAnE

Anne Nation is leading the charge to save ANNE WITH AN E regardless of naysayers and the cancellation of a series they love too much to let slip away.


Independent Ireland,

January 26th 2020

Fans of ANNE WITH AN E buy Times Square billboard ads calling for Netflix to renew show.

Donegal actress Amybeth McNulty features on billboards in Times Square, New York and Toronto as fans of ANNE WITH AN E call on Netflix to renew the series.


The Times UK, January 26th 2020

Fans push Netflix to turn the gables on cancelling ANNE WITH AN E.

A billboard illustration of the Donegal-born actress Amybeth McNulty has been displayed in New York’s Times Square in an effort to persuade Netflix to renew a cancelled series.


Seasons Talk, January 25th 2020

Four impactful scenes of ANNE WITH AN E.

Be it drama or light-hearted fun, our favorite ANNE WITH AN E season has it all.


Cultured Vultures,

January 24th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E : a lesson en empathy that deserves to be saved. 

#Renewannewithane has been trending on Twitter several times, and here's why.


TV Fanatic, January 20th 2020

Why ANNE WITH AN E is worth saving. 

If you have not heard about ANNE WITH AN E by now, you must be living under a rock, or maybe you are not on Twitter.

The Star.jpg

The Star, January 16th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E fans use billboards in campaign to revive cancelled show.

Like the fearless protagonist on ANNE WITH AN E, fans of the cancelled show aren't giving up.

meaw.jpeg, January 16th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E becomes casualty of Netflix-CBC divorce and girls world over are denied a much-needed show.

The unacceptable casualty of bad corporate deal-making has been ANNE WITH AN E, a female-centric show in a TV landscape that has very few such offerings with a global following.


Culturess, January 16th 2020

Parting is such a sweet sorrow : saying goodbye to ANNE WITH AN E.

Those who have never watched ANNE WITH AN E may wonder why fans are fighting so hard for a show that’s based on a series of novels by L.M. Montgomery, the first of which was published in 1908.


Pure Fandom, January 14th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E : why this show is so important.

What the world needs now is Anne, sweet Anne.


Fresh Daily, January 13th 2020

Fight to save ANNE WITH AN E now has its own billboards.

A slew of online support for the show ANNE WITH AN E continues to rage on, and now the campaign for the series to be picked back up has been taken to new heights; above Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto. 


Film Daze, January 10th 2020

A progressive reimagining whose heroine epitomises empathy – why ANNE WITH AN E deserves to be saved.

In an age where we expect more from what we watch, this Canadian period drama expands its scope to deliver the touching tales of many more minorities.


Paste, January 6th 2020

Why we need ANNE WITH AN E to continue.

ANNE WITH AN E has given us a complicated, unique, and ultimately joyous portrait of teenage life, and it would be wonderful to see it take on our core group’s young adulthood with as much angst, passion, and zest for experience as it has so far.


Newsweek, January 6th 2020

ANNE WITH AN E season four : will there be another season on Netflix?

ANNE WITH AN E has a huge online fan community, but that has not stopped Netflix and the CBC cancelling the show and announcing that season three will be the last set of episodes for the series.


Good Housekeeping,

January 3rd 2020

The real reason ANNE WITH AN E was cancelled by Netflix is heartbreaking. 

The CBC is sadly no longer working with Netflix.


Comicbook, January 3rd 2020

Ryan Reynolds wants Netflix to renew ANNE WITH AN E after cancellation.


Bustle, January 2nd 2020

ANNE WITH AN E won't return for season four and fans are rightfully upset.

It's the end of the road for ANNE WITH AN E, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to save it.


Meaww, January 2nd 2020

ANNE WITH AN E season three episode seven review : free speech crusade makes it one of the best episodes on TV.


CBC, December 24th 2019

You could've tried harder, Little Women.

Why better representation is needed when adapting classics.

Adaptations like ANNE WITH AN E have set a new standard, and Greta Gerwig's new film doesn't quite hit the bar.


GQ, December 17th 2019

Why cancelled TV shows don’t spell the end anymore. 

Fandom’s mastery of social media means that every television show can be saved.



December 12th 2019

Netflix announces a beloved show has been cancelled - and fans aren't happy.


Huffington Post Canada,

December 8th 2019

ANNE WITH AN E creator «moved to tears» over fans response to show's end. 

The final season of the acclaimed series aired on CBC last month.

The Guardian.jpg

Daily Planet, December 2nd 2019

10 reasons to #RenewAnneWithAnE

As someone who started watching the show literally the night before hearing about its end, I have many disheartening feelings about it.

medium_edited.jpg, November 29th 2019

ANNE WITH AN E's cancellation is damaging to Indigenous viewers.

The CBC/Netflix period drama ANNE WITH AN E has been cancelled after the introduction of an Indigenous storyline, featuring a Mi’kmaw family living outside the fictional P.E.I. community of Avonlea.

The Star 2.jpg

The Star, November 27th 2019

Upset fans won’t let ANNE WITH AN E go without a fight.

Since then, they’ve been relentlessly tweeting (#SaveAnneWithanE and #RenewAnneWithanE), sending messages to CBC and Netflix executives, signing petitions, posting Instagram videos and telling everyone they know to watch

«Anne» to bump up its viewership.


CBC News, November 27th 2019

Kindred spirits make online appeal to #SaveAnneWithAnE. 

Lack of audience growth in 25-54 age range blamed for cancellation.


Globe and Mail,

November 27th 2019

Cancelling ANNE WITH AN E reveals weakness of CBC and all Canadian TV.


November 27th 2019

Why has ANNE WITH AN E been cancelled? Can it be saved?


National Post,

November 26th 2019

CBC and Netflix cancelled ANNE WITH AN E. But fans of the show aren't taking the news lying down.


ET Canada, November 26th 2019

ANNE WITH AN E fans launch petition to save the show following cancellation.


Huffington Post Canada, November 26th 2019

Netflix cancelled ANNE WITH AN E and fans are not OK. 

The «kindred spirits» aren't going down without a fight.


Entertainment Weekly, November 25th 2019

ANNE WITH AN E creator Moira Walley-Beckett thanks fans after cancellation, teases possible «finale feature film».

Fans were quick to share their devastation on social media. The news with the hashtag #renewannewithanE became a trending topic on Twitter. But we may see more of Anne after all.

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