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December 4th, 1899

To my wonderful sidekick,


You never cease to make a girl feel more lovely than she could have ever imagined. Oh, Gilbert, it is remarkably freeing to have someone such as yourself love me just the way I am, with no conditions. It is hardly believable that I have gotten so lucky. In fact, I pinched myself four times while reading your last letter, because I could scarcely think it was real. I love you so much, Gilbert Blythe, and the knowledge that you love me just as greatly is almost enough to make my heart burst from the thrill of it. 


You are not alone in wishing that we could be together. I think about you all the time. As recently as this morning in class, the professor said something I thought you might find rather funny, and I confess that I spent too many minutes daydreaming of the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh, distracted by how much I longed to look into them. We really do make the perfect team. It’s silly now, how I ever thought there could be anyone better for me in the world than you when clearly there is not. I cannot wait for the moment we see each other again. My mind flutters with all the possibilities of what we might do as an official couple. And that marvelous library would make an excellent trip. My eyes watered when reading your description and I do so hope to see it someday. One of my greatest wishes now is that Al does become your Aunt Jo. Everyone needs an Aunt Jo in their life, in at least one form or other, and it would bring me nothing but joy to see you develop such a joyous relationship. 

Oh, Gilbert, Christmas can’t come soon enough. You are right in assuming my mind has come up with all sorts of activities that might fill our time, as I’ve been brainstorming evermore as the days pass by. I, also, have complete faith in our abilities, and have no doubts that we will be able to sneak off for some time alone together. After all, I am a rather experienced sneaker. Being a "delinquent youth" has never seemed greater, as I’ll be dragging you down with me this time. 


 Seeing our family is something I’m also looking forward to. Being together again, all of us, will be such a dream come true. We truly are blessed. I can’t wait to hold your hand and sit close to you at the dinner table. Small things, I know, but there’s so much pleasure to be taken in the simplicities of life. I think we tend to take them for granted until the moments we no longer have them, and I intend to soak up as much time with you right by my side as possible. Mrs. Lynde can look at me with disapproval all she wants. I won’t notice it, for I am only going to have enough attention for you.

Oh! You wanted to hear about the Winter Dance, didn’t you? It's happening on the weekend right before Christmas, that Friday night. I do hope you’re able to make it. I took Aunt Jo up on her offer and went perusing through her massive collection of gowns earlier this week, and I do believe I’ve found a winner.  I don’t normally boast about my appearance, but Gilbert, I was so delighted by my own reflection and I just couldn’t bear it if you weren’t there to see me. I felt like Elizabeth, ready to dance with Mr. Darcy, and just as well, we haven’t danced nearly enough. Showing you off, twirling around the dance floor in your arms, would be my greatest pleasure. I can just picture the jealous looks on every other girl’s face in the room. You are quite a catch, Mr. Blythe. I hope to see you there. 


Please take care of yourself and try not to let the stress get to you. Diana just entered the room informing me it’s time for breakfast, so I must go. But I leave you with all my love and affection. And don't worry, I promise to think of a perfect gift for Dellie.

As always,


Your Best Girl

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