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October 30th, 1899


My dearest love,


I just simply couldn’t wait until your reply, classes have been so stressful and I miss you so much. I needed to write to you and relax a bit before I stay up late studying again. How are you? I am so proud of you for pursuing your passion at U of T but I miss you terribly. I can’t wait to see you again for Christmas break back home in Avonlea. Oh Gilbert, how I miss Green Gables. I know I was just there, but I can’t wait to be home with you and our families. As much as I love Queen’s, Avonlea will always be my home!


I must confess; I am writing this by the glow of fire and candlelight. The last couple nights have been nearly sleepless as our professors have been piling the homework on in the last couple weeks! I am busy studying and putting together projects for our sewing group as well; my housemates and I started a sewing group last week, as if we don’t have enough on our plates already! But it was Jane’s idea and we couldn’t dare refuse her, even though she has fewer classes than most of us! We’ll be coming together to sew any necessities, any sort of embroidery, and probably have some tea and treats here and there of course. Gilbert, I am so lucky to have some of my best friends as roommates. How are you getting along with yours? Well I hope?


Oh dear. My ink bottle just spilled; I think Diana has a couple extra, I will have to pay her back for it tomorrow. Gilbert, aren’t I the most unlucky person sometimes? 


Now that I am back from replacing my ink bottle, oh Gilbert let me just say how much I miss you. I miss your dark eyes, your wonderful smile, and your sweet face. Everyday I always think of a memory of you and play it over in my mind. The time we went walking through the orchard last autumn, and how pretty the colours were; your eyes compliment those autumn shades so well. And remember the time we went out on the lake a couple summers ago in the old dory? I’m sure you recall how after thirty minutes of rowing to the middle of the lake, it sprang a leak? I have never seen you react so quickly before, and I am so thankful you at least know how to swim! Had it been Diana and me, I feel as if it would have turned out quite different! Oh my love, how I wish we could see each other sooner. I miss you so much; I can’t wait to kiss your sweet face and make more memories together! 

Well, I think I must be off for the night my love. I’m sorry for such a short letter, but my eyes are so heavy, and I still have some homework to complete before tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you my love. If these classes don’t kill me first! I can’t wait to hear from you, keep your head high my dear.


All my love,



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