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ANNE WITH AN E’s Renewal Petition Continues to Break Records

ANNE WITH AN E continues to break records and raise the bar for the future fandoms who are looking to save their show. On May 20, 2020, the petition beat Sense8s record of 524,727, officially claiming the title for the most signatures, ever, on a petition fighting for show renewal! On July 24, 2020, the petition soared past one million signatures and is still rapidly growing.

Whereas other fandom’s petitions have plateaued, the ANNE WITH AN E petition continues to grow exponentially. Compared to other shows that were canceled at a similar time, like Sanditon, The OA, and Spinning Out, ANNE WITH AN E’s petition is the only one that is increasing signatures. Shadowhunters, which was canceled over two years ago, only reached 200K petition signatures in May 2020. Additionally, many secondary petitions have almost 50,000 signatures!

Data current as of 6/13/20

It has been eight months since ANNE WITH AN E’s third season premiered on Netflix, but the global fanbase continues to grow at a rapid pace, especially in Latin America, Turkey, Italy, and Spain. This audience growth shows no sign of slowing down!

In May 2020 alone, the petition grew by over 200K signatures, with 100K of those signatures in one week! This growth was clearly reflected in our recent “ANNE 500K” trending party, where we trended number three worldwide with 200,000 tweets, and in more countries than ever before!

In July 2020, the petition grew exponentially. Between July 24 and July 27, 2020, the petition gained an additional 100K signatures after hitting one million. The “ANNE ONE MILLION” trending party was an enormous success!

While streamers continue to cancel shows to remain competitive, ANNE WITH AN E is cost-efficient and appeals to a wide audience. Sense8, which cost $9 million per episode to produce, was given a two-hour special for the fandom efforts. Our petition demonstrates that we deserve that and more!

Click here to see where our petition is at right now!


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