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Anne Nation - Trending on Twitter

When you look at the profiles of many ANNE WITH AN E fans on Twitter you will notice that the accounts were created in November 2019. People from all walks of life decided to create stan accounts in hopes of a renewal by generating enough tweets/noise. Five months later, this fandom is nothing short of a legiontweeting every day with the main hashtag #renewannewithane, which has amassed over 13 million tweets and engagements from all around the world.

Our very first, spontaneous, of what we now call “trending parties” occurred on November 25, 2019, shortly after the news broke that ANNE WITH AN E was canceled. The hashtag garnered over one million tweets in 12 hours and two million over the next 24 hours.

Since then, organized trending parties (by @bulbsforever) and spontaneous ones, have been consistently happening, calling on any and all networks and streamers to listen. Some of our most successful efforts include:

Our most recent party #cbcisoverparty (no political message implied) garnered over 50K tweets and trended in multiple countries, including Canada, CBC’s home country.


A few weeks before that RENEW FOR KA'KWET trended with 52K tweets, reaching #8 on the Canadian trend boards, #14 in Brazil, #19 worldwide, and Mexico.


Another spontaneous trending party occurred when Netflix Brazil posted a video of Amybeth McNulty thanking fans. Anne Nao Acabou trended #1 in Brazil and #2 worldwide over a month after the January 3, 2020 Netflix release date.


Its safe to say, when people call us the kpop stans of tv Twitter, theyre not wrong!


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