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Canadian Screen Awards 2020

Updated: May 24, 2020

ANNE WITH AN E received 17 Canadian Screen Awards nominations for its third season.

The already multiple award-winning show is leading the drama series categories this year (with at least one nomination in each one of them) and is the second most-nominated show, behind Schitts Creek.

ANNE WITH AN E nabbed nominations in the major categories, including Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actress (Amybeth McNulty, the reigning winner from 2019) and Best Guest Performance (Dalmar Abuzeid, his second nomination in a row, and who already won an ACTRA earlier this year).

ANNE WITH AN Es nominations also highlight many great talents amongst an almost all-women team:

Anne Wheeler & Amanda Tapping for Best Direction

Both are show regulars, and have directed several episodes of seasons one, two and three.

Jane Maggs & Moira Walley-Beckett for Best Writing

Writing is one of the show’s strongest points, with meaningful storylines, character development, literary references and more.

Jane wrote several episodes of the series, and Moira is the creator of the show who wrote the entirety of season one by herself, three episodes of season two, and the first and last episode of season three.

Catherine Lutes for Best Photography

ANNE WITH AN E is widely acclaimed for its beautifully aesthetic cinematography, and Catherine brought her unique style and colors in season three.

D. Gillian Truster & Lisa Grootenboer for Best Picture Editing

Both are show regular, respectively editing eleven and 9 episodes through the show's three seasons. These two unique personalities are tasked with a key role: cutting the scenes and putting them back together so that the story unfolds as Moira Walley-Beckett envisioned.

The whole sound team is nominated for the show’s ambitious sixth episode set at the County Fair (“The Summit of My Desires”).

Jean-François Campeau, Michelle Brady, Elliott Carew for Best Production Design or Art Direction

Jean-François worked on 23 episodes of the series and Elliott on the whole of season three. They are nominated for Episode 6 (the Fair episode).

Check out Elliott Carews website for a lot of pictures and a CBC behind-the-scenes video about the production design.

Alexander Reda for Best Costume Design

The attention to detail in the costumes is really impressive: the clothes are overdyed and worn to make it look like theyve been worn for years; and the costumes feature beautiful hand embroidery and beading done to look like a character in the show would’ve made it. Alexander talks about his beautiful work on season here in this video.

Diane Mazur for Best Achievement in Make-up

Diane has worked on the whole series as a make-up artist. She is nominated for Episode 6 (the Fair episode).

Zinka Tuminski for Best Achievement in Hair

Zinka is nominated for Episode 1.

Amin Bhatia & Ari Posner for Best Original Music

The soundtrack is one of the most important elements of the series along with the cinematography and writing. The opening notes of the lush Celtic score instantly grounds the audience in Avonlea. The texture of the music plays beautifully with the sceneries of Prince Edward Island and the turmoils of Avonleas souls. (The ANNE WITH AN E soundtrack has also been on the Amazon best-seller list for classical releases since its January 2020 release!)

Stephanie Gorin for Best Achievement in Casting

Last but not least, the person who found, among others, Kakwet for season three! Stephanie had huge expectations to live up as the story of Anne is so beloved, but she knocked it out of the park. The casting in ANNE WITH AN E is truly superb.


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