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Our Showrunner, Moira Walley-Beckett

Canadian writer, actor, and producer Moira Walley-Beckett is the creator of ANNE WITH AN E.

Prior to ANNE WITH AN E, Moira was a writer and producer on the hit television series Breaking Bad, and she created the limited series Flesh and Bone. Moira has won multiple Emmy, WGA and PGA Awards, a Golden Globe and a Peabody.

Moira was the first solo woman to win a dramatic writing Emmy Award since 1994 for her work on Breaking Bad episode “Ozymandias,” currently the top-rated television episode of all time on IMDb, and widely hailed as one of the best episodes of television of all time.

Moira has a deep love and appreciation for her show and the source material from which it’s drawn. Rather than create a word-for-word adaptation, Moira challenged her audience to explore the subtext of Anne’s world. While Moira wrote the entirety of the first season of ANNE WITH AN E by herself (a feat!), she brought an all-women, diverse writing team on board for season two.

Moira’s mission statement was to bring diversity into the source material, and she has made sure to include perspectives outside her lived experience in her writing room so that those stories would be handled in a sensitive and authentic way.


On a personal level, Moira is an inspiring role model for the fandom. She is encouraging, thoughtful, caring, and engages with fans—she visited our billboard in Toronto which was a highlight of January!

Thank you for all you do, Moira!


Anne Nation


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