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September 21, 1899


Dear Mr. Blythe,


Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Toronto. As a new member of the freshman class, know that you are now joining a long legacy of students who began their prolific careers right here in these very halls. Admission to this university is extremely competitive, so we commend you on proving your worth in the first challenge you will be facing during your time here. 


Academic studies are certainly important to success, but the extra-curricular choices a man makes while at U of T are what truly define his future. The University Club is a society of the best and brightest men within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences committed to bettering the student body through philanthropic endeavours as well as hosting some of the most well-remembered annual co-ed events. For the last 50 years, we have dedicated ourselves to building a brotherhood of men who help one another within the walls of the University of Toronto and beyond to become the next generation of Canada’s finest. 


Each fall we aim to add new members to our ranks. We believe you would be a wonderful candidate for the club. There will be an informational meeting in two weeks where we will share more about The University Club’s history and its efforts on campus. You will also have the opportunity to hear from current members and some of our most successful alumni. 


We sincerely hope you will choose to join the best student society on campus: The University Club. Please return the accompanying card if you plan on attending the meeting.  



Theodore J. Peters, President 


The University Club, Toronto, Ontario

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