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We are gathered together

To remember the day,

they gave us a kiss

Then stole Anne away.


Our hearts have been broken,

Tears have been scattered,

Throughout every continent,

Every corner Anne mattered.


What they didn't expect,

What they couldn't believe,

1.4 MILLION signatures

Gathering speed.


For you see the story ain't over,

When the girl gets the boy,

Nor was it finished when Josie's

Name got destroyed.


And what about Ruby,

still to fulfill her dreams?

And Tilly with two suitors, 

We've yet to see her at Queen's.


Jane, dearest Jane, 

the most confused of the lot, 

does she not deserve the chance 

to shoot her shot?


Then, there's Moody 

who we have left holding a banjo,

And Charlie, whose Mother

Is still holding his hand—No! 


Dearest Diana, 

still needs to say sorry,

And Jerry has so much to learn 

besides horses.

And what about Minnie May, 

Our true Krack Queen,

And Billy Andrews, 

who may yet be redeemed.


We have to return 

to check Matthew's alright,

And to ensure Marilla

 has stocked enough currant wine!


And as for Miss Stacy,

 and dear Mrs. Lynde, 

why, we left that sisterhood 

right on the brink.


We owe it to Mary 

to check up on Bash,

To hear Delly call Elijah, 

and see him react!


We have to return 

to see Cole's first exhibit

And to welcome Aunt Jo 

to Green Gables for dinner.

What happened to Winnie,

and Prissy too?

Did Ka'kwet escape 

the shackles masquerading as truth?


It's been a year 

and we have all felt it,

Fate dealt us a blow 

which we hath lamented.


We've had highs like the billboards, 

letters, and parties,

And lows we won't mention, 

so no one's downhearted!


We've refused to give up, 

Call us Clowns, call us Pirates, 

We've refused to give in 

to this media silence.


We've come too far, 

made new friends, lost a few, 

we've worked too darn hard 

Not to be renewed. 


And so, what began 

with a girl Gilbert called “Carrots”, 

Has become a close family, 

united in a fandom.

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