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September 12th, 1899



Brother, I know you will be surprised to receive my letter so soon after leaving for U of T. As expected, my first week here has been so crammed with classes and activities that I hardly know my own name. But I didn’t want to delay writing to you any longer. There has been a turn of events that I know will have you dancing a jig for weeks, and I wanted you to be the first to know.


I know I left Avonlea under a dark and oppressive cloud. I’ll even admit that I was broken-hearted. I never told you this, but after I broke it off with Winnie, I declared my love to Anne in a letter that I left at her house. She never responded, so I left Avonlea convinced I would never be with the woman I now know is the keeper to the key of my heart (I know, I know, you called it.) It transpires that she never read the letter.


However, on the train to Charlottetown, a miraculous intervention occurred. After changing cars,  I bumped into Mr. Barry and Diana and was able to reveal that I was not off to the Sorbonne, nor engaged. Diana was furious with me, Bash. What a magnificent dressing-down she gave me, you would have laughed your head off had you heard it. 


I made a complete hash of it with Anne. I can just hear you say it: “Blythe! What were you thinking?” I told you before that I’d asked Anne if there was a chance for us and that she’d said no. I was not in any way as clear as I’d thought, and neither was Anne, so it was all a massive misunderstanding. Diana also told me that Anne wrote me a letter, which I never got. Somewhere in our house is Anne’s letter, a declaration of her love for me. I cannot stop grinning at the thought! I know, I know! I am a lovesick moke. 


When Diana mentioned the letter from Anne, my heart felt like it was about to stop. I hightailed it off the train and ran through Charlottetown in search of her boarding house. I got there just as she was walking out and when I saw her, I was literally speechless. She looked so beautiful, and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I kissed her and she kissed me back. 


Bash, she has feelings for me! My Anne! Can I join you in that jig? My heart feels like it is going to explode.  It’s always been Anne, no-one but Anne for me. You were right all along. You’ve always known, haven’t you? If I think back, you were not in the least bit surprised when I told you I’d decided not to marry Winifred. “Lead with your heart”, you said. What would I do without you, brother? 


As I write this, I think of our beloved Mary, and how she would have approved of the developments of today. Mary’s voice has been ever-present with me for weeks now. She once told me to marry for love, only for love, and it was her loving advice that has guided me here. I wish… I wish I could tell her myself about Anne. I believe now that she also always knew Anne was the only woman for me.


I am missing you all so much, especially my sweet Delly. I revel in the knowledge that when I come home for Christmas, we’ll be together again and that I will be reunited with Anne. My Anne with an e. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait quite as long as that to see her, but what a wonderful thought to carry me through the months ahead! 


Bash, I know I don’t have to ask, but please keep the courting news our secret for now, at least until Anne is able to tell  Matthew and Marilla. The start of this new chapter at U of T has begun with even greater hope for the future now that I can imagine my Anne in it with me.


I’ll write again when I am more settled. I eagerly await your latest news of Delly, the farm, and the happenings in Avonlea. I won’t even mind the inevitable “I-told-you-so”.


Until then,


Your (moke) brother


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