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ANNE WITH AN E Nabs Five CSA Wins!

The Canadian Screen Awards were originally to be held live in Toronto in March, however due to the pandemic they were moved online and presented digitally this past week on social media.

ANNE WITH AN E was nominated for 17 awards - including Best Actress for Amybeth McNulty, and Best Drama - ultimately ending the night with five wins - the third highest number of wins of the night.

Dalmar Abuzeid won for his dazzling portrayal of Sebastian Lacroix, who moved to Avonlea from Trinidad (alongside his friend Gilbert Blythe) and started a family with his wife, Mary. Dalmar also won an ACTRA for his work in season three earlier this year!

One category in which ANNE WITH AN E failed to secure a win was the category for Achievement in Casting - questionably lost to Schitts Creek, which cast most of its characters in season one. For its third season, ANNE WITH AN E made a pointed effort to cast real indigenous people to fulfill the roles of indigenous characters - as well, in the season finale the show cast a mute character who would have had a continued role in season four.

Casting notice for Ka'kwet
Casting notice for Lily

Anne Nation congratulates the show on winning these five well-deserved awards!


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